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Robotics Process Automation

Unleashing the power of combined robotics steps and straight-through processing for replacing humans for certain, repetitive activities. Connect With Servosys

RPA Overview

Let RPA Replace Human Executors For Straight-Through Processing

A piece of code defines the actions of robots in different scenarios guided by the business logic to complete the processes like humans but with greater accuracy, round-the-clock, and at a faster pace. Robots perform human-like operations and the RPA technology allows integration of disparate IT infrastructure even when the APIs are not available. It gives a booster shot to organizational processes by providing efficiencies in terms of faster pace, higher volume, greater accuracy, and the much desired straight-through automation.

Automate Critical Tasks With RPA To Enhance Customer Experience

A large business organization may have 50, 100 or 200 different software applications developed over a period of time to cater to different requirements. Some of these could be in-house and others coming from external vendors or sources. RPA provides a quick fix that helps automate tasks, such as extracting information from websites and applications regardless of their origin which enhances customer experience and gives immunity against regular wage inflation.

Create Tireless Workforce & Enhance Capacity to Grow Business

The Institute for Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) states, “Out of every 100 steps, a human is likely to make 10 errors, even when carrying out somewhat redundant work. Robots are trustworthy, consistent and tireless. They can perform the same task the same way every time without error or fraudulence. RPA optimizes capabilities that grow organizational capacity.” The RPA forms an important ingredient that fulfills the needs like transactional integrity between systems, data protection and management of exceptions for making RPA achieve the objectives of automation and doing “more with less” without any constraints of time, 24×7.

Make Your RPA Implementation More Powerful by Marrying It With BPMS

For an RPA implementation your goal is to transact in any software application or website, in the same way a human would, in order to automate repetitive tasks like setting or fetching data. Whereas, with BPMS you aim at optimizing the business process to make human decision-making faster, creating alignment of all the resources in line with the corporate strategy of a business enterprise. Real-life situations practically require a combination of straight-through and human-decisions. If RPA fails the BPM can take it over and easily route the request to a workflow where humans are engaged to complete a task .

Why Do You Need Robotic Process Automation

Many enterprises are using old systems that do not have the APIs or the APIs do not provide the required data for using in a process. Such enterprises are left with the choice of developing new and expensive APIs and sometimes even replacing the applications themselves. RPA allows creation of scripts or programs that automate data entry and retrieval. By going through the RPA capability of leveraging the user interface, enterprises can do away with the APIs required for integration. 


Although RPA and BPMS operate with a similar process logic that is based on rules, events and actions, the context for their usage is very different from each other. RPA is used to address tasks at a personnel level but at a much higher speed and BPMS to address business level problems that creates an opportunity for continuous improvement or operational excellence. Moreover, RPA and BPMS are incomplete without each other. If an RPA-based straight-through process fails the BPM can take it over and easily route the request to a workflow where humans are engaged to complete a task. Feel free to ask us for a case study of Consumer Durable Loan Origination solution that demonstrates the combined power of RPA and BPMS.

Brochure: Know More About Servosys’s RPA Enabled BPMS .i.e. Servostreams

Know how you can easily develop applications for automating simple departmental functions to complex enterprise-wide solutions.

Features & Components of RPA

Framework & API Toolkit

It provides the canvas for automation and well-thought APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that fulfill a wide range of requirements for human or robotics work steps.

Process Execution Engine

This piece also called the heart of orchestration is responsible for execution of rules and it routes the work to the queues, users or systems as per process definitions.

Routing Rules Engine

The Rules Engine moves the work on-the-fly from one step to the next based on business rules and allocates tasks to different executors (humans & robots).

Admin Console

This provides a console for enterprises to have control on execution, deployment and management of processes like updating activity properties, routes, rules, etc.

User Web Desktop

As business processes usually require human intervention this feature provides a complete view of the activities related to processes and cases pending for action.

User Mobile Interface

This is provided for enhanced mobile and social collaboration and comes with a set of APIs to integrate client side mobile applications or build custom mobile interfaces.

Areas Where Enterprises Exploit RPA The Most

Banks - LOS (Consumer Durables, Retail, SME, Corporate), A/c Opening, etc.

Insurance - Customer On-boarding, Claims Settlement, Compliance, etc.

Shared Services & Outsourcing - Accounts Payable, Receivable, etc.

Govt Orgs - E-Governance, E-Office, Less-Paper Digital Initiatives, etc.

Manufacturing & FMCG - Sales Visit Tracking, Order Provisioning, etc.

Life Science & Pharma - Clinical Trials, Medical Representative Visits, etc.

Tech & Services Orgs. - Platforms for Business Transaction, Delivery Tracking, etc.

Housing Finance/NBFCs - Mortgages, Builder Inventory & NOC, etc.

Our Customers

Industry Solutions

Harness the Powerful Products


BPM Suite

Advanced BPMN2.0 compliant BPM Suite with a set of tools that enables rapid automation of business processes involving Human & Robotic executors.


Document Management 

Enterprise DMS for voluminous Archival/Retrieval and extensive integration needs capable of using cloud object storage like Amazon S3.


Web Scanning Workflow

TWAIN-compliant Web-Scanning Imaging Workflow System with centralized control, multipage document generation, editing like add/delete, etc.


Mobile & Desktop SDK

Mobile-based Image Processing Library for image auto-correction, compression, JPG to PDF/TIFF conversion, and more; built on open source.