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A new generation Business Process Management Suite that streamlines processes to help businesses achieve operational excellence and the greater business values. Connect With Servosys

Overview of ServoStreams BPMS Products Suite

ServoStreams® is the state of the art product, designed for automating and streamlining business processes or workflows that can be changed or evolved easily, as per business needs of the enterprises from time to time. This product is laced with advanced features and capabilities like in-memory execution of rules, BPMN2.0 compliance, and so on. The product suite supports rapid application development of workflow-based business applications.

The product components have won client accolades for being developer and integration friendly. It’s APIs and Integration Framework work like glue for other technology components providing end-to-end automation.

The BPMS Orchestration Server with In-Memory Routing Rules Engine that allows separation of business rules from application and execution of defined workflows.

The server moves the work from one step to the next based on the information provided.

Different activities are triggered based on business rules and tasks are allocated to different participants (humans & robots), which facilitate paperless workflows.

Brochure: Know More About Servosys’s BMPS .i.e. Servostreams

know how you can easily develop applications for automating simple departmental function to complex enterprise-wide solutions

Key Features & Functionalities of  ServoStreams

“In-memory” Rules Processing

Faster response rate with minimum hardware requirement helps in achieving better throughput. Prevents delays in bulk submission, and requires no separate configuration for processing services.

Customizable Workflow

Equip users with power to easily design, automate and publish workflows with an easy to configure platform. Define Business/Credit rule quickly, and customize the critical business processes to scale the operation & meet the ‘always-changing’ business needs.

Routing Rule Engine

Auto-routes/allocates cases to different executors, shares data and documents among stakeholders, thereby ensuring paperless process & single version of truth for the entire organization.

No Proprietary Process Modeler

ServoStrems does not use proprietary process modeler to ensure “portable” process definition; also eliminates the understanding gaps between process owners and developers & saves rework for implementer.

Online/Offline Modules

Online/Offline workability helps field executives in their works - lead generation, house verification, collections, etc., and thereby providing “seamless field to back-office” capabilities.

Seamless Integrations

API and Non API based integrations with existing third-party systems dramatically improves the productivity of employees with no recurring investments.

Low-Code Platform

ServoStreams is equipped with smart configurable components that not only gives you the flexibility to modify the process but also do it with minimum possible coding effort.

Compliance Management

Introduction to new regulations by governing authority or board decisions are common. Meeting 100% compliance shall never be a problem statement for IT.

Other Miscellaneous Features

It is “Applet-independent”, requires no JRE deployment at the client, uses “mobile-first” design, and is more “developer-friendly”, as the developers can define their own JSPs.

Major Benefits


Faster Delivery Time

A single Integrated Application for Mobile and Web, self services-based straight-through-processing, routing rule engine for auto-distribution and routing of workflows reduce request processing turnaround time and increase the pace of delivery. In addition, ‘integration-friendly’ ServoStreams further increases processing speed as it can quickly communicate with different applications viz. Core Banking System, DMS, ERP/CRM and 3rd party apps.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Quick and automation enabled request processing, more streamlined process, better operational visibility to the senior management team ensure fast, effective and quality service delivery that in turns increase the customer experiences. The RAD-based platform offers quick scalability thereby promoting the continuous improvement in service delivery and hence drastic improvement in the customer satisfaction index.


Better Quality

Real-time and 360° reporting of various key performance indicators, advanced exception handling mechanism, products’ ability to ensure 100% compliance. etc. like features improves the quality of services. Moreover, the customizable platform helps customers comply with all regulatory and SAL requirements. The real-time monitoring through MIS dashboard empowers the management team to monitor and control the operations and eventually, improve the quality of the product/service.

Reduced Manpower Requirement

The ‘Self-distribution’ capability of Servostreams automatically distributes the tasks among human and robotic executors, balances the load among them, routes the cases/work-items to the next tray/destination, etc. All these things together minimize the human interventions and execute the process at relatively faster paces thereby manpower requirement is reduced. Additionally, the automation-enabled document and file handling mechanism further reduced manpower need.


Lower Cost

Reduced request processing turnaround time, reduced manpower requirement as automated systems require less human intervention. Optimum utilization of existing IT infrastructure and Mobile/Tab-based request processing capability, etc. altogether reduce the cost of operation. That in turns, eventually, help organizations reach break-even points earlier, followed by the substantial increase in topline and bottom-line growth.


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